Class Acts Education Program is presented by The Mahaffey at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts with support from the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Arts Council, the City of St. Petersburg, the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts Benefiting The Mahaffey Theater, The Robert S. & Mildred M. Baynard Charitable Trust Classroom Scholarship Program and Big 3 Entertainment. Class Acts is a program of Mayorís Mentors & More.
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Class Acts is pleased to offer a variety of educational opportunities for educators such as the following Classroom Scholarship Program for Admission and Transportation and Theater Etiquette information. Additional links are provided below.

Classroom Scholarship Program for Admission and Transportation

Through the generous support of The Robert S. and Mildred M. Baynard Charitable Trust entire classrooms will have the opportunity to receive complimentary admission and transportation to attend a Class Acts performance. Certain criteria must be met in order to receive the scholarship. To request an application please contact the Education Coordinator at 727.892.5891.

For Students of All Ages

Ever been in a lunchroom when everyone is talking at once? Imagine what that's like for a moment. The sounds of students calling to one another across tables, wrappers are being torn off ring dings, drink cans tops are popping. You get the picture, right?

Now imagine trying to tell a story or share a joke with the whole room while all this is going on. It would be pretty near impossible, right?

That's why theater etiquette is so important. In order for everyone to enjoy the story unfolding on stage, everyone in the room needs to agree to a certain code of behavior. That behavior is called theater etiquette.

When you enter the theater, you agree to the following things:

▪ You agree to be on time. Theater is great! It's live! It happens in the moment. You can't rewind it. You are an important part of the show and you need to be there from the very beginning. The actors are there, so you need to be there, too. Arriving 20 minutes before show time is the standard rule.

If you are late, you agree to wait until a break in the action on stage to be seated. Finding your seat after the show has begun causes a disruption that not only distracts those in the audience, but those who are performing on stage as well. The theater experience is not like the movies. Live people are on stage. They can hear you just like you can hear them.

▪ You agree to use the restroom before the show starts to avoid getting up and disrupting the performance while it's happening. Once a class is seated, you may visit the restroom in small groups prior to show time. Young students must be escorted.

▪ You agree not to talk or whisper during the show. If you whisper to your friends during the show, you disrupt those around you, and quite possibly the actors. And, you might miss something!

▪ You agree not to talk to the actors while they're performing. Again, this is a live performance and the actors are concentrating on giving you the best performance possible.

▪ You agree to participate. This includes laughing at appropriate times, clapping in appreciation for the things and actors you like, and doing other things when invited by the actors to do so. It also means paying attention to what's going on by listening and watching closely.

▪ You agree to turn off all cell phones, watches, game boys and other gadgets that may make noise during the show. No headphones either! These can be just as disruptive as talking!

▪ You agree not to take pictures or use recording devices of any kind during the show. The material performed on stage is copyrighted material, and therefore protected under copyright law from reproduction of any kind without written permission. In addition, the Mahaffey Theater is a union house, and union rules prohibit the use of photography and recording devices without prior consent.

▪ You agree not to eat or drink anything while the show is going on. Remember the lunchroom? Candy wrappers make more noise than you think during a quiet moment on stage and the noise is very distracting to other audience members.

▪ You agree to keep your hands to yourself. Touching other people during the show is distracting, and may lead to talking.

▪ You agree to keep your feet on the floor. Think about how nice it felt walking in to this beautiful space, and how cushy and comfortable the seat felt as you sat down in it. We want everyone to experience this. In order to make that happen, we need to take good care of it. If feet are constantly placed on seats and armrests, they won't look nice for very long. Please be courteous and respectful of your surroundings.

▪ Finally, you agree to give the actors a full curtain call. A curtain call is the actors' final bow at the end of the performance. It's your opportunity to show your appreciation for what they've shared with you. Please wait until all the actors have taken their final bow before exiting the theater. The ushers will assist you in finding the best route out of theater! Follow their directions!

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