Class Acts Education Program is presented by The Mahaffey at the Duke Energy Center for the Arts with support from the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Arts Council, the City of St. Petersburg, the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts Benefiting The Mahaffey Theater, The Robert S. & Mildred M. Baynard Charitable Trust Classroom Scholarship Program and Big 3 Entertainment. Class Acts is a program of Mayor’s Mentors & More.
400 First Street South
St. Petersburg FL 33701
Box Office: 727.892.5800
Executive Offices: 727.892.5798

Class Acts serves: to provide professional, diverse, educational and entertaining programming for young audiences and; to engage and place professional artists in the theater, in the classroom and in local community organizations to deepen arts based knowledge invigorates social service themes, to integrate and enhance the curriculum and to offer professional development in various arts disciplines.


The goal of Class Acts is the development of lifeskills through exposure to and participation in the performing arts. Creativity, social skills, academic enhancement, goal achievement, cognitive learning, problem solving, communication skills and self-esteem are all characteristics that are attained through the participation in Class Acts unique performance series and community arts extension programs.

Under the direction of the Education & Community Arts Manager, Class Acts strives to link the arts to the curriculum with thematically integrated performances and teacher resource guides. Each season, arts professionals, professional educators, artists, parents, community advocates and students who utilize the theater provide their expertise and input in the development of the Class Acts season of programming.

This direct input results in an academically well-connected series that integrates the arts into a variety of curriculums including:
▪ world culture & diversity
▪ reading, language arts & literacy
▪ history social studies & patriotism
▪ science, math & the environment
▪ character education
▪ specialty theater & music

In order to serve the communities needs, tickets are a reasonable $5 per person and most performances run 50-55 minutes in length.

“The Class Acts Education Series and Community Arts Program are vital to the arts and cultural education of our community.  These curriculum-based programs are of the highest quality and include outstanding teacher resources as well as arts education experiences filled with joy and wonder for students, teachers and families."

Kay Campbell
Education and Grants Services Director
Pinellas County Cultural Affairs Department
Class Acts has been an effective and efficient vehicle for promoting the importance of the arts in the educational process for students, educators, and the community. Class Acts was developed to serve as a creative and meaningful extension of the classroom, and to encourage life-long learning habits. Additional tenets of Class Acts have been developed to further answer the needs of a growing community.

Attendance at the performances has increased five-fold since the inception of Class Acts in 1993. Since 1993 Class Acts has served more than 495,000 students and educators.

Underserved and economically challenged populations of our community are a special focus of The Class Acts Program. With the generous support of numerous sponsors admission waivers allow students to attend performances free of charge or at a discounted rate. To learn more about the Admission Wavier Program, please visit our educator opportunities page.

ADA Compliant

The Mahaffey Theater at the Progress Energy Center is fully ADA compliant, which enables the inclusion of all patrons regardless of physical ability.

The Performances

The Class Acts Education Performance Series utilizes nationally and internationally acclaimed performing artists along with local and regional artists to achieve a richly diverse cultural program that is representative of the student audience or that otherwise makes a meaningful connection to their experience. Attention is given to ensure diversity among cultural presentations and performing arts disciplines under the advisement of arts professionals, professional educators, artists, parents, community advocates and students.

Community Organizations and Arts Advocacy

Class Acts and the Mahaffey Theater at the Progress Energy Center for the Arts continue to demonstrate its commitment to arts education by maintaining ongoing partnerships in the community and nurturing new ones. Class Acts supports many educational endeavors through its involvement in Pinellas Arts for a Complete Education (ACE) and the Pinellas County Education Consortium, under the auspices of the Pinellas County Arts Council. Class Acts also participates in local, state and national arts advocacy actions. The relationships ensure meaningful participation in the Bay Area community for the Mahaffey Theater and its Class Acts Education Program.

"Listen, guys, I'm scribbling away on the back of a horse crashing through a haunted forest – all right, all right. Actually, I'm writing in my classroom, waiting to go downstairs. Bottom line! The show was awesome! You made it fun!"

Student, Private School

“Wow, that was really amazing! I actually clapped from Mahaffey Theater all the way back to my school. I'm still clapping now with my feet...”

Student, Pinellas County Schools

"Thank you for all your work and dedication to the Class Acts Education performance Series. The opportunity you give the children of our community to see live productions is an adventure for their education and imagination. Thank you for extending the invitation to the Homeschool students. As my grandson says about the performances, I'm learning and I don't even know it!"

Joanne Odajewski
Homeschool Grandparent

"Thank you! The show was enjoyed by all. We were very impressed with the entire production. Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to attend."

Even Start Family Literacy Program Organization

"Thank you so much for supporting the Doorways program. My students and I appreciate your help. It says a lot to your commitment to children. Thank you a thousand times over!"

Cindy Gavin
Guidance Counselor
Southside Fundamental

"As a veteran teacher, I look forward to your yearly selections of educational productions. It allows me to use them as a cultural enrichment to build background knowledge before a unit or to reinforce a unit once it is completed. Whether it is before, during or after; the productions allow for student learning to be differentiated in a matter that captures their attention."

Cynthia Durant
5th grade teacher,
Pinellas County Schools